Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feels just like it should

No, that's not me.  [But, doesn't she look good on my background?!?] Just a chick on the  I promised my husband that I'd try to grow my hair long, this time.  I typically chicken out because I get bored, frustrated and get a fresh chop.  I've been doing that for the last sixteen years.  I always have a new color; natural, blonde, red, brown, nearly purple one time.  And a new cut; pixie, layered bob, shoulder length bob, chin length bob.

I got a freshen-up trim last week.  My stylist did the flat iron on my hair, it was so shiny, so swingy.  I loved it.  I told her that I would just scrunch and blow dry without a brush because I couldn't master the flat iron.  She said it was so easy and I said, "try it with one hand."  But, I went home and tried the flat iron the next day and voila!  I did it.  And my hair was shiny and swingy.  Well, I've flat ironed it the last five days and now I'm bored and I've lost about fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning making me wake up earlier which makes my cranky and nasty to my husband.  And he's nasty back.  So, my hair is flat and cute but my life's just nasty.  I should just go back to natural and enough sleep.

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