Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tell the rain not to drop

I had an impromptu pap smear today.  Who can say that?  Background:  When I saw Dr. D, I gave him copies of all my recent gyne records so everything since October 2009 when I received the (then) devastating news of pre-cancerous cervical cells.  That sucked.  I keep meaning to write about that day.

So, Dr. D. said I should get another colposcopy in August with my local, secular (very secular) gynecologist which was the next date for a pap smear.  I wasn't so jazzed about that idea.  Not that my previous colposcopy was painful or anything, it just seemed like a lot of trouble.  So, I was in with the secular guy who I'm about to quit for his brash, insensitive, non-listening, anti-Catholic behavior for some solid cell mass under the skin, down there.  He said, "Don't do anything.  It's not cancerous."  "I never thought it was cancerous, just annoying."  I tend to argue with this doctor.  I asked him what he thought about another colposcopy?  "What, not necessary, when are you due for your next pap?"  "I don't know, August??"  "Let's do it now!"  "Now?!?!"  "Sure, scoot on down."

He said he scraped a little harder this time.  I'm getting to be such an old hat at this stuff it doesn't faze me one bit.

In other related news, my P+3 blood draw was today.  I'm sick of blood draws; not the actual drawing of blood but the having to register every time I go into the hospital.  I've met some very sweet, sympathetic phlebotomist ladies who treat me so kindly and are happy to see me so often.  I have a problem with the WWA (Women with Attitudes) who insist on making copies of my insurance cards over and over again and can't see to find the screen on their system which explains I have a standing order; expect me a lot!  Blood draws are over next Thursday.  I'm afraid it's going to be normal.    


  1. I had similar trouble with the lab at my hospital. I was complaining one day to the phlebotomist about having to register every time and they told me to just walk in to the lab area and give my name since it is a standing order. Now I just do that and feign clueless if anyone gives me a hard time. I wonder if that would work for you?

  2. My husband suggests the same thing. Great minds think alike. :) One phleb. told me to bypass registration but then another insisted I need a new code from regis. every time I come in. I have four draws remaining so I'm swallowing the inconvenience. I'll celebrate the final draw with a gin and tonic!