Thursday, July 29, 2010

Physicians & Infertility

I think Dr. D's office dropped me.  I did a lot of dating in my twenties and I know that if you haven't heard from somebody in a week, it means they've dropped you.  I didn't think about my blood test results while I was getting the blood draws (it was hard enough to navigate the hospital staff through the process) until one of the staff told me last Tuesday that the results should be getting to the doctor "about now."

After the draws were complete last Thursday, I confirmed with the hospital that they had the right fax number and they were in fact, faxing the results to the ordering physician.  The hospital told me they faxed the results three times to the doctor.  So, on Thursday I called Dr. D's office and tried to speak to Eva, the one who told me how to get the tests done and gave me the standing order.  Eva didn't call me back on Thursday, so I tried on Friday and was told she was busy and hadn't been able to go through the stacks of faxes but she will get back to me.

Eva also asked, "How are you charting with?  Have you met with Karen?  Because Karen graphs the results for you and gives it to the doctor."  I said, "I'm not charting with anyone.  I do it myself.  I've been charting for 2 and a half years.  I learned it from my parish during my marriage prep.  But, I guess the question here is, do you have the results?"  "No, not yet."

I tried to be patient so I waited until Tuesday of this week to call and see if they received the fax.  Again, I was told, "no."  So, I went to the hospital myself and got the records likety split.  No problems.  I scanned them and emailed them to the NaPro surgeon I saw last week.  Her staff has been super responsive and I just learned I have a phone consult scheduled tomorrow morning.  Talk about efficient.

I was telling my husband Tuesday at lunch how frustrating Dr. D's staff is so he suggested I talk to Dr. D myself.  Great idea.

Dr. D is very good about calling back the same day, bless his heart.  He called back within 1 1/2 hours.  I recounted my experiences with Eva and how I didn't understand why I had to make another appointment with Karen to chart since I already chart and have my charts and gave him my charts last month.  He wasn't cooperating with me.  Dr. D told me, "How do you know how to chart?  Are you using the Creighton Model?  How do you know what the peak day is?"

Now, I was confused by the last question at first.  Does he want the definition of "peak day?"  Cause I can rattle that off, no problemo.  But, then I quickly became insulted, thinking, "Don't you remember me?  I gave you all my charts.  We talked at length about my charts.  Am I a retard?  Do I know what the peak day is?"

Dr. D went on saying, "Without the graph, those test results mean nothing to me.  And I suspect it will mean nothing to the NaPro surgeon as well without the graph."  I was very surprised by that statement.  I mean, I know he's not an endocrinologist but the lab gives you a range and even I noticed that going from 329 of estrogen to 39 in two days, pre-peak doesn't look so good.  But I do understand given that I've done plenty of business plans that yes, graphs sure tell a good story.

Instead of saying all those things, I acquiesced and said, "Maybe I should talk with Karen?  Can she call me?"  "Yes, I'll see her this afternoon and give her your number."  "Great. Thanks."

That was Tuesday.  Today is Thursday.  I haven't received a call from Karen.

So, I moved on.  I went ahead and graphed those stinkin' numbers, myself.  And you know how I did it????  With Excel.  It was fairly easy but the double y-axes did throw me for a loop temporarily until I googled it.  So, I emailed the graph to the NaPro surgeon and they acknowledged receipt within two hours.  Hello, Eva?

Terry, the NaPro surgeon's office manager never asked me who I charted with.  She never said that the doctor couldn't talk to me without an approved graph.  I'm thinking the call tomorrow will go smoothly and I should probably pray about that along with prayers for my super prayer buddy.  Hang in there!

Tomorrow is also the day for the pelvic u/s.  Busy infertility day.

UPDATE: I decided to reschedule the ultrasound until next week.  I want to talk to Dr. St.igen first.  And I did hear from Eva!  Saints be praised!  She said the hospital STILL had not faxed the test results and I should call and "yell at them."  Direct quote.  "Actually, I have the results and I can email them to you."  And so I did along with my own chart that I created.  Eva said I'm a high priority to her.  I told her I appreciate that because I'm a high priority to me. :)

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