Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, forgot to mention

Dr. Stig.en said she does not suspect PCOS without laparoscopy confirming it.  She asked me if I had coarse black hair growing anywhere....  Thankfully, no.  I told her I didn't suspect PCOS either.  I have no symptoms.

This may be just a knee-jerk reaction but I'm (temporarily) seriously considering quitting Creighton.  I totally applaud and feel great that a number of the infertile Catholic ladies chart for two to three months and they've got their diagnosis.  I've been diligently charting for two and a half years and all the predictions about my hormone levels taken from the charts were not confirmed with hard evidence, i.e. blood tests.

Being undiagnosed sucks.        


  1. Sorry this is so frustrating. I think it is hard for them to know for sure what's going on until they get in there with a lap. Unfortunately, most RE won't even go near a lap unless you have huge endo red flags. But there are a lot of girls who have endo who have no idea until the lap (like me). As far as Creighton goes, you have to do what's best for you guys.

  2. I totally appreciate your support. This is just hard. Infertility is very difficult to manage.