Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hormone Profile to Begin

Today is CD 4, so I start the blood draws for a full hormone profile, tomorrow on CD 5. I've decided to go with the local lab and not ship to PPVI. With my work schedule, although somewhat flexible given the freedom I have, I can't really figure out how it would work drawing blood, going back to pick up the serum, going back home to store, then going back to work. The local lab opens at 6am on weekdays so at least I can get it out of the way before work starts.

Last week, I did some checking on what my insurance would cover. I knew that my Ant..hem B.lue Cr.os.s did not cover infertility. Dr. D's staff told me it was my responsibility to find out if the hormone testing was covered. After I got off that call, I hesitated for a couple minutes thinking, "I don't want to call the insurance co!" I did make the call and gingerly danced around the tests Dr. D prescribed. The woman said, "Oh, you're doing a hormone profile. Let's see what's covered because infertility can be really tricky here." Oh, great.

Ins. Girl - "Ovarian dysfunction. Yes, that's covered. What are you trying to have a baby?"
Me - "No."
Ins. Girl - "Oh, are you just not feeling well?" [Tone was not caring but more snooping]
Me - "I feel fine."

Turns out that my favorite hospital is renegotiating their contract with my insurance so their lab might not be covered post today (July 1.) Got to check that. Actually, I should do that now.

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