Friday, June 3, 2011

Seven months???

Jeez, I hadn't realized it until I posted this fact on matchingmoonhead's blog but my laparascopy was seven months ago today.  Talk about not getting the instant benefit of the surgery but since I didn't have much of anything going bad anyway, I think the lap was not very useful except for the fact I got to see my insides which is always cool.  I never have watched the video again after the post-op appointment.

I guess it's the test of any blog author to be able to market one's self as switching focus.  My primary readership is highly likely to be married Catholic women who were or are infertile.  It's a special group, to be sure, but I think I'm the only one who has pretty much quit.  I want to keep my blog but I'd better muster up some promotion skills and get a expand my audience if I want people to read about my super opinions.  [sort of tongue-in-cheek.]

I've been having a good time focusing on my Spanish lessons.  It's really fun and enlightening to work with my Mexico City friends.  I really wish I could still speak French and Russian well but if you dropped me in Quebec, France, Russia or any former Soviet republic (loose term), I could do pretty well.  Maybe not go into the full depth of my feelings or world events but have a pretty decent conversation.

The marriage is going great.  My husband tries hard to make me happy most of the time and I try to keep a not-so-serious attitude when possible.  It's getting easier to not focus on not being able to get pregnant.

We head to San D.iego next week and I'm staying at the same hotel as I did in April.  That should be a good break.  I'm now a vacation queen!


  1. went back to read your posts after your lap and I see they said you had something up with your endometiral lining. did they call it endometris stippling? because that's what i have and i'm kind of unsure what that means at this point...other than take antibiotics

  2. Oh no, low grade infection suspected because of inflammation. Antibiotics were prescribed for that. Seems to have worked out by getting rid of tail end brown bleeding.