Friday, June 17, 2011

"Clothes, that's all you women ever think about."

Now that I've gotten to the age where I've built up a good wardrobe and feel pretty confident in what I can wear and still look professional, tailored, and comfortable, before I buy something new, I ask myself, "Do I really need this?"  Of course, as a woman, there's always some inherent pleasure in shopping for shopping's sake, my husband's fiscal discipline reminds me to be choosy.  I try to buy from websites that offer free shipping and generous return policies, i.e. free return shipping.  If the company only gives free shipping over a certain dollar amount, I call and ask for free shipping anyhow and at least with Nor.dstrom, that works every time.

I'm almost always in the market for tailored pants because those are the hardest to fit.  I hold on to black trousers for many years but tend to get very annoyed when the seams break down.  Although I like the style at Ta.lbots, my MIL did comment a few years ago that she thought the quality had gotten really cheap and I'm starting to agree with her.  So, although I like the quality at J.Cr.ew, they fit their clothes for stick people so it's a real trick to find the right size.

Case in point, I bought some black light wool slacks online at J.C.rew and they fit very nice.  Loved them so I ordered the same style and size in navy and grey.  Those pairs fit so awkwardly I returned them and was pretty disappointed they didn't work out like the black pair did.  Anyhoo, I'm still in the market for super nice pants.  I sometimes toy with the idea of buying a designer pair but can't get over some of those prices (>$400.)

I'm looking at some shoes from Nord.strom, but I have to wait until this afternoon (I am taking the afternoon off like all of you suggested :)) to call and get free shipping.  It's a never ending saga.

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  1. and - free shipping for shoes and they are super quick. And wooo glad to hear u took yester afternoon off:)