Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cute dress

We were driving back from San Die.go yesterday and stopped at Fash.ion Isl.and and then the Bas.s Pro Sh.op in... I always forget what city it's in but, you know, the Inlan.d Em.pire.  After spending more than I wanted to Anthro.polo.gie for a shirt that I'll wear until holes are in it and a great orange dress I can wear to work in the summer, I picked up a very cute dress at Bass for $20!  I couldn't wait to wear it to run errands this morning and accessorized with my tiger print flats.  The front just had to be pinned but since I'm so flat, I hardly worried about it.  Here's a link:


  1. Rancho Cucamonga? :) Very cute dress! I had no idea that they sold (cute!) women's clothes at Bass Pro Shop.

  2. Yeah, that dress is super cute! Thanks for sharing!