Thursday, December 30, 2010

A nice break

Every once and a while, I'm able to confirm my husband actually digests what I say to him. ;)  Yesterday, he did just that.  I was whining about having to go to work in the middle of a rainstorm so he said, "Let's take a mental health day."  I love mental health days!!!  Being from another generation of I think, harder workers, my husband hadn't heard of mental health days and would look at me disappointingly when I would tell him I was staying home from work just because I was blue.  His job doesn't really work in the rain so it was a perfect day to sneak in a mini-holiday.

We saw two movies and took a lunch break in between and had soup.  True Grit was in the morning and The Fighter in the afternoon.  I really loved both movies and they're very different.  I hadn't seen the trailer for The Fighter and on the way to the theatre I was bemoaning yet another boxing movie but I was really blown away by this guy's life.  Go see it if you haven't.

After dinner I told my husband that we deserved great bedsheets.  We already have three sets, one from Cos.tco (yuck), and two I got from the bargain bin.  One of those sets is great but the other pills badly despite the comfortable material.  So, we headed to everyone's favorite shop, Bed Bath and Beyo.nd and got (again on discount) but some really beautiful Wamsutta sheets that retailed for a lot and we got about 40% off.  Not too bad.  Although my husband didn't appreciate me putting the sheets on the bed at 10:30pm.  :)

We also stopped at Bev..Mo, also everyone's favorite.  We needed apple pucker to make apple martinis at home. The test run last night used 2 oz. vodka and 1 oz. apple pucker.  I could really taste the vodka which wasn't necessarily bad but I like mine sweeter.  Tonight, I'll probably increase the pucker to 1 1/2 oz. and see how that goes.

My husband asked this morning, "Are you happy?  I'm putting a lot of effort into trying to get you to be happier."  So sweet.


  1. Everyone needs a mental health day! So glad that you could enjoy it with your hubs!

    And I totally get what you mean about having nice sheets. I worked in the linen department during university and I learned how to appreciate good quality sheets!

  2. PERFECT DAY! I have never heard of a "Mental Health Day" hahahha....that is hilarious!

    I might have to copy you one day in the spring:)

    Sheets: My husbands favorite are clean, crisp sheets! He gets so excited about it! haha.

    Enjoy another martini for me:)

  3. That sounds like so much fun!!!! Glad you had a good day. what a sweet husband!