Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why do I bother?

In my new policy of openness, I've had more successes than failures.  Success is usually measured by a response of, "I'll be praying for you" and leaving it at that.  Failure is when people try to diagnose your problems because they think they know something about getting pregnant that I don't.

The latest incident was last night when the husband and I met our mentor married couple for dinner.  Before we got married, we did the mentor couple class and not Engaged Encounter.  It wasn't until we were leaving the restaurant and saying our goodbyes when I told her I would be praying for them (they are travelling a bunch) and asked her to pray for us because "we're having a hard time getting pregnant."  She let out a big, "Ohhhh...."  And that's when I thought she'd look deep into my eyes and say, "Yes, I will pray for you."

But, that's not what happened.  After the Ohhhh, she said, "you need to read Chil.d.birth.  It's not just about child.b.irth but about conception and knowing God's will."  My immediate thought was, "I'm an idiot, this woman had fo..ur kids and ninete.en grandchildren.  What the heck does she know about infertility, her offspring can't not have kids?"

I looked up the book after we got home and it's basically a testimonial.  That's fine, I just can't be bothered right now.  Thank you, prayer ladies who think of me despite my terribly bad attitude. :)


  1. I hate it when fertiles have that attitude!! What the heck do they know about being infertile????

    Praying for you!