Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some things coming together

I LOVE how the misfit writes.  While posts of her length could well take me two hours, I suspect she can write heartfelt, deep, humorous, and super lengthy posts in about ten minutes.  Kudos!!!  What she said in her latest post is absolutely hilarious.  I quote her here:
I don't want anyone [at my doctor's practice] to bless my day ever again. If I want a blessing, I'll talk to a priest (oh, with whom I had to cancel my spiritual direction appointment this week because they cannot "fit me in" in a way that will allow me to use sick leave rather than an entire day off). I don't care if they say a nightly Rosary for the intention that my soul be consigned to eternal fire. I don't care if they sacrifice to idols. JUST DO YOUR DAMN JOB.
I find this particularly good for me because although Dr. Stig.en's office staff are pretty responsive, they never bless me or even mention Christianity beyond the practice name.  Nobody prayed with me before my surgery and no one even mentioned that I might like an anointing of the sick (as a convert, my memory of the sacraments is not so hot.)  But perhaps Trixie is damning me every night or every time I call to remind her I'm infertile and damn it, I matter.  And what really drove the point home for me was when my dear, sweet husband even said to Dr. St.igen at the post-surgery appointment, "Can I ask you a question?  Are you Catholic?"

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