Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unrelated news

I had a bunch of eloquent, romantic musings about my husband and our anniversary but I can't remember most of them at this point.  Suffice to say, we had a wonderful night with a delicious dinner that was super cheap (final bill = $33), and we both had a drink.  We made love and slept in each others' arms listening to the thunderstorms.  Romantic!!!

At Mass, the priest asked us to come to the altar and stand facing the congregation for a blessing.  The words he spoke were really touching and it meant a lot to me (and I think to my husband, as well although he was embarrassed by the thought of standing there) to have our marriage reaffirmed before the church family.  They extended their hands toward us and we held hands while they priest asked God to bless us with new life and to bring healing to our bodies as God is the Great Physician.  I think it was a discrete and tasteful way to address the infertility issue.  We were smacked with holy water and many people passed on their well wishes when the Mass ended.  Really lovely.  I love being married.  It's a commitment we make not just to ourselves but to the larger faith community and society; that's a big responsibility but that makes me work harder for our success.

On to the unrelated news.  I found a great deal on some red wedge shoes on the web.  The original price was $255 but on sale for $85.  I ordered my regular size which lately has not worked out for me.  At this point I should be remeasured but the last four pairs I've ordered online have not fit very well.  For the red wedge shoes, I desperately tried to get them to fit, I added some back of the heel padding to try to make the shoes not slip off my heel when I walked, I put in some ball of the foot padding.  They still slipped off my feet.  I wore them this weekend to the baby shower which did put a tiny, tiny bit of wear on the bottom of the shoes. This company has a return policy that says items should be unworn, unaltered, and unwashed.

They did have the next half size down available so I called to exchange it.  I really, really wanted to be honest with the customer service lady and say I did wear them out of the house oh so briefly but they are worn.  I didn't want them to reject the shoes when I shipped them back.  Well, her voice on the phone gave me the impression she wasn't going to be lenient with me so I ended up not saying anything.  I do feel guilty and also nervous that they might tell me they'll charge me for the shoes and not credit me.  I guess I'll found out next week when this shakes out.


  1. Well if that ever happens and you order from Zappos, they will take your shoes back. They are known for their customer service and I have heard so much about them. I bought a pair of shoes that I wore and they ended up being so uncomfortable that I called customer service and told them this and they took my shoes back!! So next time, try Zappos! Just a thought.

  2. What a beautiful blessing for your priest! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. VERY COOL for your priest to do that! Happy Anniversary! <3

  4. How beautiful! Happy Anniversary!! (I'm a bit late!)

  5. Happy anniversary! What an amazing blessing from your priest!!