Friday, October 1, 2010

Sh*t on TV

From Awaiting a Child of God, I learned about Dr. Hilgers's appearance on EWTN.  His interview starts at about 23:30.  The interviewer mentioned a piece on Ortho Evra on the Today Show this week.  Cut to the chase, that birth control patch has caused blood clots in women and killed at least several of them.  The report was good but the end conversation between the Today reporter and Matt Lauer shocked me.

Jeff Rossen - "Experts say you should never stop using birth control, Matt including the patch even after everything you saw until you speak with your doctor."

Matt Lauer - [Nodding feverishly] "Yeah, that's important information, no question."

Rossen - "Very important."

I guess risking getting pregnant is a million times worse than taking a chance with Ortho Evra.  Only in America.


  1. wow! your title describes it all... my exact words

  2. Wow, there really are no words. Sick, sick, sick.

  3. Sometimes I just want to shake people like that and say, "I would give anything for the "risk" of getting pregnant."

  4. UGHHHHHHHHH! This makes me want to march up to the today show and slap that man in the face:) Sorry...that was so un-Christian but I can't help but feel that way!

  5. Just wondering where you've been lately! Then I looked at the date of this last post and saw it's only been a week and a half! Ha! Looking forward to the enxt post! :)