Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I was telling my husband last night on the phone about the horrible events happening in our community; the tragic miscarriages and loss of so many hopes and dreams.  We agreed that no matter how bad things seem for us, we are facing no pain that can equal someone who wants their child so badly and can't have them.  I am praying a little harder for them. 

We finally received a couple of weeks ago, the bill for my transvag ultrasound way back in February.  While I had sent what I thought was an impressive protest letter for charging me $1,100 for an abdominal u/s which was never ordered but performed anyway, the hospital just sent a revised bill for $685, the cost of the transvag u/s.  I asked my husband if I should call and negotiate them down or ask for payment installments.  He said to go ahead and just pay it which I was surprised by.  He normally likes to pay things at the last possible moment before incurring late charges, etc.  So, while nearly $700 is a hit to anybody's monthly budget, I'm glad it's finally out of my hair and the failed medicated cycle is behind us.  I can't imagine paying out that kind of money again just to get my period right on schedule like six days or so of shots and two weeks of progesterone cream meant absolutely nothing.



  1. We are now starting to see bills come in from my recent surgery...gulp. We have ins but first we have to meet the deductible which will be the next bill and then we'll see what will actually be covered. I was thinking along the same lines as you...all of this because my lady parts are messed up. Geesh.

  2. I understand, losses do put everything in perspective. I literally said the day of my ultrasound, I am the luckiest mom ever as I looked into my beautiful boy's eyes as we shopped. It makes them seem like ever more the miracles they are. I want to good to come of a bad situation, and this seems like a good place to start. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.