Friday, August 17, 2012


This was my first week on my new work schedule; an extra hour a day.  I responded to this change like I usually do, in a manic reactionary way.  I think it was Tuesday when I felt I had some extra time to get ready for work, so I vacuumed a good part of the house.  The windows were open and I was terribly afraid I was waking a neighbor up with the racket.  My husband hasn't quite learned how to do a long distance relationship so I had to coach him to write little text messages during the day so at least I wouldn't go ten hours without talking to him.  This morning, I made the prophetic announcement that neither of us should pass judgement on our situation until we're settled into the new routines.  He's still up at the company headquarters waiting on new wheels so he can get home; hopefully tonight.

I know I was expecting to be at 120 this morning.  It was not to be but not so bad in the scheme of things: 123.4.  I'm really getting to the edge of natural weight loss so we'll see where this goes.  I did sabotage myself Wednesday night by having a mochi ice cream ball and a couple cocktails (I guess that's how I needed to deal with a little loneliness.)  I did manage that day to go to Mass, yes!  I was downtown for a meeting so I ended up at the LA Cathedral for the noon Mass for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  Felt nice to see people in business suits take their lunch hour to go to church.  Can you spot the cathedral in the picture?

So like any good dieter (and believer), I'm shaking off the failures of the last couple days and marching forth.    

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