Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Perspective

What have I forgotten to document?  Saturday night, I did Jennifer Galardi's Sweating Sexy.  I love that workout; Jennifer is so much fun and I dig the dance routine. 

Food wise, I'm eating not so healthy stuff like pizza and more wine last night but I'm eating just a little bit so it's not hitting me that hard.  Weight this morning was 125.2.  125 is really my baseline weight so I getting back there is not difficult but getting under it is.  If I want to push the weight loss more, I have to go into full deprivation mode and I'm now starting to realize that might not be worth it.  I was very happy with my weight post-Peru at 119 but I cannot replicate that in real life.  I'm not doing high altitude hiking eight hours a day.  Right now, my ass is in an office chair.  Even working out an hour a day, to lose, I'll have to eat much less.  I guess I'm on the fence right now.

This morning I did Grace and Gusto by Ellen Barrett.  Not sure about lunch today, I didn't bring anything to work except, you guessed it... cherries! 

So, let me get something straight here.  I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad by advertising my "bad" weight as such and you'd be happy if you were at my "bad" weight.  Everyone is different and I'll be the first to acknowledge that weight is probably the worst measurement of the body's state.  While being slim is important to me, strength and muscle tone is a very high priority for me.  I like lifting weights and gain muscle relatively easily.  A lot of women shy away from using weights which I think, as a non-scientist, is not good.  Muscle development helps your bones and supports your whole system.  And I think it's sexy to be strong.  I'm glad my husband think so, too.  He like athletic women.

I've played sports and worked out my entire life.  I know how my body should look.  125 is good.  I'm satisfied at that weight.  And even if I get down below 120, I likely won't stay there long since I enjoy food enough to want to eat and be satisfied.  So, please don't read what I write about myself and project it on to you.  I'd advocate working out for health long before I'd suggest anybody starve themselves to be thin.  That's why I write about my workouts at home because I think it's a good idea for anybody, even mothers who are short on time.  Being active is a wonderful lifestyle and I'd gladly promote the idea.

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