Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4 lbs Lost!

Ah, progress.  Gotta love that.  I was 123.6 this morning and it feels great.  Four pounds makes such a difference for me.  10 red grapes was on the menu for dinner last night.  Sounds harsh to have only that but I cheated in a major way by eating one of those wrapped ice cream cones you get at a gas station.  The company was handing out the junk as an employee appreciate event and I guess a way to cool down.  So because everybody else was eating the cones, I did too.  I worked out twice yesterday.  Last night, I did Karen Voight's Quick Slim Cardio.  Instead of another picture, here's a video:

I made today's lunch last night, spinach ravoli with marinara sauce and sauteed yellow squash.  Let's see how that microwaves back to life. 

I seem to have been dropped by any mom commenters.  Sure, I can see how embracing childlessness is boring to them or that I've become an anathema.  Perhaps that harsh but it's striking to me how different I am now.  Before I was part of the NaPro pack.  People were so interested in my procedures and I'm sure just waiting for them to work.  Is it offensive that it didn't work for me and I'm not afraid to shout that out?  Just curious. 

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  1. Woohoo on losing 4 lbs...I think I have them over by me! Just kidding. I need to lose but everytime I try...some event or gahering happens and I forget what it's like to eat healthy. Keep up the good work!!!

    I know what you mean about some mom commenters not commenting on your blog. Once some bloggers have a baby...they don't relate to us if'ers anymore. I don't know. It is what it is. I look at it this way...if a blogger really enjoys my blog and enjoys what I have to say...she will stick with the blog whether or not I have children. In her eyes, I'm not being measured by being a mother or not...I'm being measured on my thoughts,reflections and what my life is about. She's looking at me as a person who has something meaningful to share. I didn't become a "bad" person when I couldn't have children. If someone leaves my blog because I don't have children...then they were never a true blogger buddy in the first place. Right?