Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These shoes weren't made for workin'

I've often hated my work environments.  Not that I didn't have a comfortable chair, a steady room temperature, and good lighting.  It's because I sit down to work.  I've tried introducing the idea of the treadmill desk but it's such a foreign concept to my superiors that I haven't pushed it any further.

So, I've compromised in my need to sit to work and my total obsession with physical activity.  I believe the body is made to move, and moving is intrinsically healthy.  I walk three to four times a day (in addition to any strenuous workouts) and average 1/2 mile on each little trek.  And I do this by wearing comfortable shoes.

I stopped wearing high heels to work about five months ago.  I used to wear them all the time and it made me cranky and annoyed with life.  No joke.  I couldn't wait to get home just to get the darn things off.  I still love going home as soon as possible after work but it's not quite with the same desperation.  My gait is now normal contrasted by the silly balancing act almost every woman wearing high heels does.  I found heels made me not want to walk, not move.  It hurt to move and I don't believe anybody who tells me their three to four inch heels are comfortable.  Is that why you take them off sitting at your desk?

Are high heels sexier?  I'd buy that.  But once you're comfortable with your professional abilities, it makes a lot of sense to treat your body right.  I can move freely, happily, and now don't think I'm hurting my health by doing my job.  Ok, I'm heading out for a walk!

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  1. I have never been comfortable in high heels - too bad because I am short (just over 5'1) - but I like to move, and move quickly, and as a teacher I am on my feet almost the whole day. I am with you on the high heels = bad for you front :) Although there are people who say they are quite comfortable for them - I have noticed taller people seem the most comfortable. Oh well!