Thursday, March 8, 2012

They Say I'm Crazy But I Have a Good Time

The family event went great.  The kids at our house didn't eat all my lasagna which kind of hurt but they also didn't tear up the house.  The hubs was pretty tolerant of all the squealing and running around and I'm proud.  I wore my very highest heels to the wed.ding and of course, I was the one squealing in pain during the ride home.  The most embarrassing moment was when I didn't recognize my own first cousin!  Ah, well I haven't seen him in six years.  Hopefully, we'll get the pictures soon.

On Sunday, we bought another motorcycle.  I'm supposed to be keeping this a secret and since I'm pretty anonymous here, I think I'm still abiding by the code.  It's pretty sexy driving behind your husband watching him ride wearing black leather.  That was really the start of my good mood.  I'm getting pretty stoked about non-medicated cycles.  This is fun.  The progesterone last cycle gave me an eight day period.  Yeah!  Work is busy in a smart way so that helps too.  I'm just happy.  Enjoy the music.


  1. You have a mortar cycle?! You are wild and crazy! ;)

    1. Not a mortar cycle, that sounds beyond dangerous!! ;) Obvioulsy I meant motorcycle!!

      Anyhoos...happy Sunday! Have safe, fun rides!!

  2. Girl, thanks! We actually rode down to L.A. to meet some friends yesterday. Took a mountain road on the way down and the freeway back. Hard on my back but recovering today.