Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The great thing about modern communication technology is that you can flip someone off virtually.  I think I mentioned that Dr. Sti.gen has a "patien.t p.ortal" whereby patients can access records, get health information, email the doctor, make appointments, etc.  While that might seem handy is today's busy times, it feels like a way for the doctor to keep their patients at arm's length.  I just wanted to talk to her but they were going to charge me $25 to do it.  I can talk and even visit my RE for FREE.

I have orders for P+7 blood draws to measure progesterone and estrogen.  They are from Dr. St.igen.  I used the portal to email her asking if I could use the order and would she kindly call me with the results.  That's all I wanted and I thought it was a simple request.  And now I'm reminded why I quit her and NaPro technology.  This was her response:
[ATC], You should ask the RE who is treating you to order and interpret the blood test for you - he/she is the one who should be monitoring what your response to the medications are. In general, I don't do hormone testing or interpretation except for patients undergoing NaProTechnology treatments. Sincerely, Dr. Sti.gen
Now, I understand the overall message.  She's not the prescribing doctor for the drugs I'm on, so I should get blood draw orders from that doctor.  Cool.  Great.  But the second sentence I took as a sort of "F*ck U, you're not doing NaPro, so no assistance for you."  I would have appreciated a little more customer service like, "Let me know if there's anything I can do for you," or "Let me know if you have any questions."  I'm hurt by the "I don't do this [full stop; end of story.]  She did operate on me, I did try her NaPro treatments.  They just didn't work and didn't get me pregnant.  I'm not bitter about it but it sure sounds like she's bitter I'm not doing NaPro anymore.  I haven't done anything inconsistent with Church teaching but if it's not in the right box, she doesn't want anything to do with me.  The Christian love is palpable.

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