Monday, February 13, 2012

Maybe I Need a Twitter Acct

I have a bunch of little things today.  Can I keep it to under 140 characters?

  1. I'm just not into it today.  It's cold, windy, rainy.  I just want a piece of chocolate cake, a cup of warm cider, and snuggling with my man under a warm blanket.
  2. I started the Endometrin suppositories last night.  They look just like big pills but in the morning they turn into a delightful cream.  
  3. My lower back was hurting this morning.  I didn't want to read too much into that if there's anything to read into about lower back pain mid-cycle.
  4. NOVA has a great science documentary about conception and pregnancy that I'm sure we all saw as teenagers.  But, I think it's worth checking out if you've already seen it or not.  The photography is mind-blowing.  Reproduction is clearly God's creation.  With how complicated it looks(and all the different ways the process can go awry) , I'm amazed anybody gets pregnant.  Link here:

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