Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Next Step: Acceptance

Last night, one of our neighbors came over to look at our newly completed backyard. This couple is very nice and very helpful to us when we are away from the house. They got married soon after they moved into the house so perhaps October of last year. I noticed she was touching her belly and then in the conversation referred to being over "terrible morning sickness." Her baby is due in December. They're very sweet and I'm very happy for them. And I thought, of course, that's the way it happens with normal people, you get pregnant within a handful of months of trying. We're beyond that and so there's something wrong and it's mostly likely me.

So, I'm beyond the denial and grief to a certain extent and now have accepted the journey I'm heading on. It's a huge relief, actually. To know that testing will take place and I can control the speed and frequency of the testing. I'm still working out how/where the hormone series will be done but I need to decide within the week because I'm about seven days from CD1. And the warm summer months are a delightful relief to the cold, rainy winter we've just experienced.

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