Monday, June 21, 2010

Mucinex killed my CM

Dr. D told me to take Mucinex twice a day from P-5 to P+3. I had to guess at what was P-5 since my unmedicated days of CM vary between 3 and 4 days. The first day of peak-type CM was awesome, 3 times of 10KL. I was stoked. Then the next day it was dry for half the day then super watery the rest of the day. The next day was watery and then it was completely dry for three days. I guess I'm P+5 right now but I'm having a hard time telling. I should have been able to think this out: OK, mucinex loosens bronchial mucus, so it will probably do that to my CM.

Now, plenty of women have reported to me that Mucinex worked for them but they weren't Creighton charters so what were they looking for? When you're trained to think stretchy CM is the only thing that makes you fertile, it's hard to think that watery CM is going to do the trick. I reported this to Dr. D and he wants me to try one more month. I'm still taking the B-6 every day. I'm on the fence on whether to try again.


  1. hmmm...Mucinex worked for me (along with sustained release B6) and I was doing Creighton. I was told that it was important to get the name brand Mucinex (don't know why)-did you get the off brand by chance? And if it doesn't work you could always ask for an antibiotic or google Fertile CM-those seem to help tons of people.

  2. Hey Kaitlin! Yeah, I'm using Mucinex with the secret ingredient. I'm not sure I want to move to an antibiotic for something like this especially since my CM was pretty decent before. We're you on Mucinex and B6 when you're precious bebe was conceived?