Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Infertility Blogging

I mentioned in my opening post that I used to have another blog. I started it in 2003 and pretty much ended it by 2007. The old blog was not anonymous (my name was in the URL) and I thought it was really fun to write about my 20's life. I mean I lived in SF, LA, DC. I had an exciting, stressful, aggravating career that provided my readers with plenty to laugh at. I dated all kinds of men in those cities and got a jazz about picking out the most quirky episodes to blog about when I returned home from the date. Old blogging was cool! Once I started dating my husband, I ditched the old blog.

I started Airing the Chapel to get my infertility angst off my chest and hopefully be able to share critical information with what looks like to be a very small club (Catholic women using NaPro Technology.) I'm pretty sure it's not that small of a club but how many women are going to go to the trouble of writing for an open audience? And I keep thinking about couples who are don't seek treatment for their infertility. Most procedures are very expensive for the majority of people and from what I've read, the procedures are time consuming.

One-off experiences are much easier to write about, so I'm left wondering how writing about feelings is going to turn into a good product. I'm not a professional writer but my job is to communicate information, ideas, commands and that's easy for me to do. But what about feelings?

I was hopeful about the treatment plan on Friday. Now I'm questioning whether a rigorous routine of blood draws is worth it. Do I want to find out I've got too little of this essential hormone or too much of that ancillary hormone? Will I be racking my brain with "How did you not know?," or, "What were you not paying attention to all those years when you had the luxury of time?" Is it going to be interesting to read what contradictory angst? Somehow I doubt it.

In the interest of adding color to a colorless website, I've attached a picture of my favorite hat at the Royal Asc.ot horse races. I like the one on the right.

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