Thursday, September 13, 2012


We were winding up our evening after-work conversation.

[Him] Ok, stay out of trouble.  And stay off the internet.
[Me] Why?
[Him] Because when you get on the internet, you buy things.
[Me] I'm not going to be sucked into your manipulative mind games.
[Him] I'm just kidding.
[Me] No, you're not.  You always say you're kidding when I have a problem with something you said.  I know you don't like me spending money on clothes and shoes.
[Him] You're just dwindling our savings, that's all.
[Me] Look, I am very comfortable with how I manage my/our finances.  I already invest over 20% of my gross salary.  Not just save it in a zero interest savings account.  I invest it.  And you know that already.
[Him] You're maxing out the retirement account?
[Me] Honey, you knew that.
[Him] Well that's good.
[Me] I don't think you quite understand the ten of thousands of dollars we save by not having a child.  Food, health insurances, clothes, education.  We don't pay a dime.  And on a relative scale, we've paid out almost nothing when it came to infertility treatment. 
[Him] You're right.  I need to look at this issue differently.

Whew!  And so I wait for my dress and shirt in relative peace.

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