Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Smattering (Yes, reader from the USCCB. I'm talking to you.)

  • My mood's picked up only because I'm dreaming about real estate.  My husband's already talking about buying some property in his new location.  I told him bare ground works great for me because I have plans for a barn house.  Something like this totally appeals to me. 

Why buy an old, energy inefficient house that you'll have to renovate when you can get a prefab (the one above is not) that's sustainable and green?!
  • I've never been one to call out the "lurkers" as they're called.  This IS the internets so everybody's a lurker.  However, some of my readers are creeping me out since I see they've been reading for a long time and have had absolutely nothing to say.  Say something, please.  And who is the person from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops?  I see you and what is your interest in my blog?  Are you gathering information for ex-communication?
  • Despite my almost total opposition to the sacrament of reconciliation, I kind of have to go before Friday.  Some friends are having their marriage blessed in the Church tomorrow and my husband's the witness.  Wouldn't be good for me not to take communion.  Which is the reason why I'm going to confession today but I'd be lying if I said it's wasn't a primary motivator.
  • I was really sad to read about Jenny's money woes.  I feel bad some bloggers are struggling to meet their financial needs in the midst of infertility and adoption.  I encourage other bloggers to write about the money aspect of infertility treatment, adoption, and new motherhood.  We talk so openly about medical matters, it only makes sense to talk about the money.  We're not adopting but it would be good to understand just how much it costs to adopt.  I'm trying to educate myself here.  Please help me.  Veiled references to adoption credits don't help me.   


  1. Okay, I'll bite on the money piece. Domestic infant adoption costs anywhere from $20000 to $30000. The federal tax credit is $12, 650 per child, which means that you'll get up to that amount back in taxes. Of course, you have to pay that amount in taxes, so if you don't, you won't get as much. Also, this will come to you in your tax refund, so you do have to front the money to the adoption agency.

    Fostering children through the state is free or very low cost. It's harder to find infants or very young children. There's a possibility with many of these children that their parents will get their lives together or another relative will turn up before the adoption is finalized. My own DH is reluctant to get an older child. Being a child of divorce himself, and being raised in a home with unstable step-siblings, he wants to experience a normal nuclear family, at least once in his life.

    Unfortunately, DH is out of work, and while we live comfortably, we don't have enough to save thousands of dollars. I understand his reluctance to do foster to adopt, but he's not getting any younger, and if he doesn't get a job, I'm worried that by the time we do have the money, he will have aged out of feasibility for domestic adoption.