Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Round Up

  1. The dinner party was a total success with the exception of burnt garlic bread.  The hubs did a great job scraping the black off and we ended up eating the whole thing.  Re-heating the lasagna I made Saturday morning worked.  All it took was 45 minutes on 350 degrees.  In terms of the company, it's always fun.  There are so many classic Chip and Kate moments, I can laugh easily by recalling the memories.  This time, Kate would so dominate the conversation, Chip would get very serious and say, "Kate, can I please say something for once."  "Sure," Kate would say.  Then she pause for two to three seconds and start talking again. :)
  2. MLK Day weekend has always been kind of big for me.  It's the weekend I first met Jack.  That was seventeen years ago this year.  Wow.
  3. One of the advantages of being childless (and there are lots): accepting an impromptu invitation for dinner tonight at Kate's.  Chip's out of town and DH has a meeting tonight so it's just us girls, a bottle of wine, and the jacuzzi.  
  4. The cupcakes turned out great.  They really needed to cool down before eating since the peanut butter cup in the center had a tendency to stick to the wrapper.  I just used Duncan Hines Devil's Food cake mix, Trader Joe's milk chocolate peanut butter cups, Betty Crocker Butter Cream frosting, and some Skippy crunchy peanut butter.  Make the cupcakes according to the directions, once the cups are filled up, just push the peanut butter cup into the batter.  It doesn't need to be pushed all the way down.  Let it cool completely before frosting.  I just added a bunch of peanut butter to the frosting and blend.  It's really to taste how much peanut butter to use.  Eat just one cupcake a day!
  5. I looked back at last year's January posts and yes, I did post about my co-workers talking about weight loss and exercise.  Gosh, it's annoying.  Don't they ever recall they start the year with the same gusto and fizzle out quickly.  Besides, taking up yoga will not cause you to lose weight.  Every time, they start in again on their boot camp routines, I throw on my coat and take a walk around the block.  I'm a little annoyed that my weight was higher than it has ever been since November, 123.4 lbs.  I'm trying desperately to be sub-120.  Perhaps a little less lasagna, wine, and cupcakes will do the trick?    

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