Monday, January 30, 2012

OK, I signed it.

I'd like to insulate myself but heck, I read the news all day long, so it's virtually impossible.  I signed a petition asking HHS to rescind the requirement that Catholic employers cover contraceptives for their students/employees.  How did I get there?  I read this article this morning and like almost all NYTimes articles that allow comments, I read the comments (before there were nearly 1,000.)  Like all online thingies, some comments are stupid others intelligent and that's cool.  But, there is this thing called "NYTimes Pick."  That means the New York Times gurus themselves selected your comment as particular noteworthy.  Well, they picked this comment as a standout and I didn't get it at all.

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NYT Pick
As a Catholic I am ashamed. The Church has no right to impose its points of view on other people. More important, there is no comparable condemnation of the greed, or exploitation, or of bringing unjust wars to name a few. This shows how important is to keep a strict separation between religion and state.

I kind of agreed with the second sentence but since I hardly ever check what's being published on the Vatican website on current wars, global conflict, etc., I couldn't support this claim.  I am pretty sure the Pope condemns violent conflicts so I left this alone.  But the first sentence was just flat out outrageous.  I mean, the Obama administration is trying to force Catholic employers to cover contraceptives in their insurance plans.  And some students at Catholic schools are protesting their schools protests against the mandate.

To me it's simple.  If you disagree with Catholic teaching, don't go to a Catholic school and expect them to change their mind about their beliefs and conform to your's or Obama's.  If you want birth control, go to a secular doctor and pay for it like everybody has had to do since the 60s.  I predict like lots of people the Administration is going to lose this fight.    

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