Friday, November 30, 2012


After days of arguing discussing, we arrived at a decision.  Because my husband will not entertain a cleaning lady, moving into an apartment, talking about privacy needs and boundaries with his parents, he said he will come home every weekend.  "That way, I won't have to hear you bitch at me the whole time you're up here."  I sound bitter but I'm not.  I'm actually quite happy today.  I consider that progress.  I'm planning on making lasagna and a vanilla cheesecake this weekend.  The weather here promises to be dreary. 


  1. Geez...what crawled up his a..??? He should be oh so thankful that you were hospitable to his parents. I think it's great that he has to make the efforts to come back home since he didn't seem to appreciate your efforts. He can live in his own mess. Praying for you!

  2. Sounds like a great compromise! I'm glad he was able to hear you on this one.

    I think it's really hard for the husbands when we don't like their parents. They love them, because they birthed and raised him, but parents are not always inherently lovable or likable. This leaves the husbands torn between their parents and their wives. I think the best path here is for the husbands to accept this state of affairs and not push it.

    I hope you enjoy your lasagna and cheesecake!

  3. That sounds like the least he should be doing, really...glad to hear you've made some progress!