Friday, April 6, 2012

Resurrection & Motorcycles?

We're heading to my in-laws for a Saturday celebration of Easter.  Fun fact: Sunday in Russian is (this is my best transliteration) "Voscresenia" which means "resurrection."  I love that!  We're relegated to pagan "Sunday" but Russian speakers are reminded of Christ every seven days.  Anyway, this is my sixth Easter with my husband's family and can really hold my own at this point.  I think.  So, I'm not nervous about that.  What I'm nervous about is my husband's plan to take the new motorcycle to the celebration.  That's three hours one-way and we're coming back Saturday night, so double it.

My poor neck!  The bike's a cruiser, not a touring bike and the last time I got a terrible crook in my neck.  I just can't get into my groove on this bike as a passenger.  Maybe tomorrow it will happen but I expressed my anxiety to my husband and now he thinks I'm backing out and wanting to take the car.  Maybe I am.  It's tough work to ride a bike.  In a car, you can basically space out.  I'm not advocating that, certainly and I think I'm more alert than most; I don't text or talk on my cell phone at all when I drive.

I know it will work out in the end.  I'm just not feeling at all relaxed about this.  We'll be at a dear friend's home on Easter for brunch with a bunch of other folks.  I'm bringing a quinoa salad.  If it's any good, I'll be happy to share the recipe.

Христос Воскресе!

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