Sunday, July 10, 2011

URGENT Prayer Request

Hello Readers!  I'm humbly asking your prayers for a wonderful woman in my parish.  She has what started as breast cancer that spread to other organs.  Her name is and I've posted her email to members of our parish below:
 Just got the news this morning that my Brain MRI showed 15 tumors in the brain each about a centimeter. Certainly very very bad news. Doctors are hopeful they can manage this for a good amount of time and possibly even erradicate it, but tell me the next few months will be very difficult and emotional for me (I am now on Decadron for the brain swelling so watch for major mood swings!) 
I had the first of 20 daily treatments of whole brain radiation today, will have another tomorrow.  I'm also starting a new chemo tomorrow.  I don't know how these things are going to affect me physically, but if I am at all able to sing I definitely want to. 
 My Oncologist told me the fatigue will be so great that I will not be able to care for the children, that I will need help.  But singing makes me strong in spirit, so if I can I absolutely will.
 Thanks in advance for the prayers I know will continue.  We need a miracle now more than ever.
I just saw her and her family last weekend and she looked good to me but obviously is suffering.  She and her husband are raising seven children so this is especially tough for her much beloved family and close friends. keep her own blog so if you feel you are able, perhaps you can post a short note to her: (just remove the dots) rai.singsa.ints[dot]blo.gspot[dot]co.m

Thank you prayer warriors!!!


  1. I will be praying as well. What a sad situation.

  2. I'm praying too...will go post a note on her blog.

  3. Oh how heartbreaking. Oh it makes my heart hurt. I cannot imagine. I'll go post a note...

  4. St. Peregrine, pray for dear Suzanne! I will be praying as well.