Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boy am I confused

Around Sunday I started to get mopy, feeling bloated and anticipating my period in a couple days.  I was very dramatic about the whole thing, complaining to my husband and him just this morning asking me why I haven't purchased a pack of tampons yet today.  Well, I was looking at my calendar on the wall and figured out my period is still a week away.  What a dope.

I stopped charting four months ago or so but I generally remember the date of CD1 and in this cycle, it's June 22nd.  In order to keep track of things, I use associate memories to figure out where I am in my cycle.  I remember meetings I was at or tasks I was doing or place I was visiting.  But in this whole exercise I learned that the mind is a very powerful thing.  And I wasn't bloated at all, I was just eating too many cookies.

So, it's back to being a bright, sunny person.


  1. Funny...except for me a week out is my worst actually. The few days before I'm pretty fine but 5 days out? Watch out.

  2. hahaha. hilarious! Sounds like me:) Love those sweets!