Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Friday!

  1. No, I haven't finished the letter to Archbishop Cordileone.  Not that my general feeling of abhorrence has gone away, I'm just preoccupied.
  2. Speaking of preoccupied, I've been on a baking and cooking frenzy this week.  Everybody wants to know what's gotten it me.  My short explanation is that nobody (because I'm a child of the eighties) ever told me I couldn't do something.  Now that I live with a man from a generation where they told kids they were worthless, I've received feedback from some related folks that I can't cook/bake.  So, now I'm the defiant one and I've done a fabulous job of proving them wrong.
  3. So, what have I made?  Galaktoboureko for Easter.  Entirely homemade Cajun shrimp cappelini alfredo.  Well, I didn't make the pasta or the shrimp.  And an amazing (pat on back) Meyer lemon loaf cake.  So moist!
  4. I love the Browneyed baker!  I only really follow childless blogs, a couple non-threatening adoption blogs, and Joy Beyond the Cross (well, because she's just too smart/sweet/faith-filled not to) and I saw this which took me to that, I wasn't really into the dulce de leche bars, I did find so many other recipes worth trying.
  5. Tonight, if I have time (my husband is "taking me out to dinner") I'm making Trader Joe's Jo-Jos Cheesecake Bars.  She made 'em with Oreos but since I know that Jo-Jos are better, that's what I'm using. 
  6. And related to having time tonight, I'd contend that watching Mad Men will make your man a better husband.  We're behind (because we don't have any type of cable service or television transmission) on Mad Men because we wait for them to be streamed on Netflix.  So, we watched episodes 1-3 of season 5 last night.  Megan does a song and dance routine for Don at his surprise birthday party.  After all the guests are gone, Don is gruff and rude and tells Megan not to spend money "that sort of thing" ever again.  He also tells her that she embarrassed him by performing a slightly suggestive dance. She's put off.  My husband recognizes his similar behavior and makes him think.  OK, good.  Next scene, Don asks to take Megan "out for dinner."  She's happy.  So my husband picks up the clue and asks me last night if he "could take me out for dinner."  YES!  What a polite way to ask.  
  7. No, never got to the cheesecake.  He's in bed already.
  8. Today is five months since my disastrous haircut.  The layer above my ears are not down to the bottom of it.  I project that it will take another six months or so to get to my chin, for a layered bob.  
  9. I'm headed to San Diego tomorrow to see my 90-year old grandmother.  We are reconciling after a difficult life-long relationship.  And in the evening I'm visiting my husband's second cousin and his wife.  They just had a baby so we're hanging at home.  I can hang with that.
  10. And for the first time in many months, I'm going shopping in a real brick and mortar store.  I absolve to take a bottle of water (malls make me dehydrated) and hang out and try on clothes for at least an hour in Anthropologie.  It's gonna be a great weekend!  


  1. Oh, you are so sweet and I would "ditto" about you as well! Thanks for the link to the brown eyed baker...seriously, it is 8:30am in the morning and although I just finished breakfast, I very much want to start baking...right...this...instant!!!! Those oreo cheesecake bars look amazing! On the cream cheese side of things, I made this super, easy peasy pie the other day and it very much fit my desire for a good crust and cream cheese and chocolate. I took the easy way out and bought a graham cracker crust, but you could make your own crust easy enough I suppose. My SIL made something similar for Easter and I only got a tiny slice and decided to make my own. Because I can! :)

    We have never seen Mad Men, but we may have to check it out. We don't watch hardly any tv shows together, so this might be something we both like. Thanks for the tip!

    I hope you have an enjoyable time with your Grandmother and then with your husband's relatives. Reconciling is hard, but oh so good. I should take mine own advice though, there is a certain family member I need to reconcile with...but lack the courage to do it.

    Regardless, I hope you have a GREAT weekend, sounds like fun. If you get anything at Anthropologie - show us, okay? :)

  2. Um...okay, I forgot to include the link to the pie, here you go:

  3. It sounds like a fun and busy weekend! I am a child of the 80s too! Good job on proving them wrong, I am sure you are a wonderful cook/baker.

  4. Baking? Who has time for that? I actually enjoy baking as well..child of the 70's myself. I just do not have much time for it maybe over spring break next week. got me thinking!

    That is so wonderful that your dh asked if he could take you out to dinner. I tease my dh about taking me on dates as well. I love to get dressed up, put on make up and go out just like I did when we were dating. Why does that have to stop?

  5. That does sound like a great weekend. (What did you find at Anthropologie???) Why does your husband's family think you can't cook?! My DH, amusingly, assumed I was a terrible cook when we started dating (apparently because I was really really skinny in those years - ?), but very kindly said nothing. He eventually figured it out. I hope your in-laws have now, too!