Saturday, January 12, 2013

I can't get joy

The plans for my husband to take this job closer to home is still in the works.  Maybe we'll hear something definite next week.  Two weeks ago, I started my masters program so my desire to write in my blog has not been so acute.  Learning again how to write a research paper caused quite a bit of anxiety.  Essentially, all my free time is taken up by my classes so this is a definite shift in my life.  I really hope it will be worth it down the road.  I'm still not convinced higher education is not a total conspiracy and I'm just contributing to it.  The thousands of dollars flowing out my bank account doesn't feel good but it does make me work harder since it's our money!

Oh, and a tidbit I thought was interesting.  Apparently, those Americans that take the adoption tax credit are more likely to be audited by the IRS.  Another way to kick a hard-working, loving couples down.  So, you can thank King Putin and the American government for supporting you in your desire to love and raise a child that desperately needs it.


  1. King Putin huh? Interesting. Haaa! Hope your dh will be home for good soon!

  2. I hear ya on higher education. I have 3 degrees, which I only slightly use for my job. I'm considering a 4th which would directly relate to my job, but the thought of writing a paper makes come very close to hyper-ventilating.

    Why am I not surprised about the tax credit increasing likelihood of being audited. Of course.

    Continuing to pray all works out for your husbands job situation.

  3. Praying for your husband's job situation. About the tax credit, don't you just love where our government is going(insert sarcasm here)!

  4. Good luck in school- praying for your hubbie's job situation!

  5. I like writing papers. Tuition and loans - HE11 NO. Unless it were free AND I could keep my salary, I am never getting another degree. (I would, however, love to take classes in philosophy...and theology...and psychology...and learn some more languages. Maybe that's what retirement is for?)

    Knowing your extreme level-headedness, though, I'm sure that this one has been carefully selected as the best possible move, financially and career-wise. Hope your classes go well!!