Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It made me stronger.

Wow, everything's gone to hell and a hand basket.  I don't know anybody who had a good weekend.  If you didn't experience the insomnia of endlessly thinking about screaming, terrified children being murdered, there's definitely something wrong with you.  I'm a proponent of gun ownership but I'm totally behind practical, real ways to get guns out of the hands of evil people who want to terrorize our population, local and global.

I got my period yesterday and although, let me be honest, I prayed not to be pregnant, and I'm happy I'm not, I'm still totally amazed that we can have awesome sex multiple times during the "fertile" time and never a blip in my scheduled period.  Incredible.  We're both technically fertile but overwhelmingly not so.  The reason I prayed so fervently is that the travel insurance I bought for our trip to Africa next year didn't include a pregnancy clause.  Only a pregnancy complication clause.  And of course, living solo doesn't make me a great candidate for motherhood.

Speaking of that, good news!  My husband got a call today from the "local (hey, where I am) company he applied for and almost got the job but their funding hadn't come through" company and said they want to meet about offering him the job!!!!!!!!!  Of course, my husband has salary requirements (who doesn't?) but we are still having a drink this Saturday to celebrate the promising news.  We were going to drink anyway since Saturday is the sixth anniversary of our first real date. I call real when he first kissed me.  That took work and so I have every right to celebrate my victory in landing this guy!

So, I think ATC and her husband deserve to live together again and if you agree please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PRAY for us!  I'd really like to have him back. That'd be very nice.  I always have big things happen to me in January so this feels right.

I kept meaning to write about this but I started running back in August and it felt great until the start of fall but now it feels like maintenance.  I can comfortably run a 5K at a nine minute mile pace.  I think that's OK.  I should have run tonight but I'm on my period, eating nothing but high fat foods, and lots of chocolate so screw it.  Screw it for a week or two.

More news to come....


  1. Having lived separate from my husband both while we were engaged and then for 6 months when we moved a few years ago, I feel your pain - and it sucks.

    Sending many many prayers your way!

  2. Praying your DH gets the job!

  3. When my dh and I bought our home..he lived in it and got it ready while I stayed at my parent's house (where I was living) and kept working until the wedding. Our new home was 1 1/2 hours away and every weekend...I usually made the trek to the new home and to see my soon to be dh. It was hard to be away from him all hard but it gave me something to look forward too each I can relate (some). I'd probably pass out now if my dh and I had to be away from each other...since we've been married 10 years. gosh...when he's gone for one night...I miss him lots. Hoping that job opportunity works out and you can have your dh back home...where he belongs!

  4. I have been absent from blogdom, so I just read this - so excited about this possibility! Praying for you!

    Also, what have I missed? What's this about Africa?