Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sin Fish

I turned 35 last week.  It was really one of my best birthday celebrations ever.  I took the entire week off.  Pre-infertility acceptance, I would not have done that trying to save my vacation time.  But, now that's I'm taking care of me, happy days are here again.  We took one of the motorcycles and rode up to Carmel.  The ride up was tons of fun because we took a lot of back roads and tried to stay off the freeways.  I'd only been to Carmel once before as a teenager and remembered nothing about it.  It's worth googling if you've never heard of the town or know just a little bit.  If I had my choice of living in a beach town anywhere in the world, Carmel would be it.  Given how hot it's been at home, the weather up there was deliciously cold-65 F.  We dodged a bunch of kids at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had dinner with my crazy SIL and BIL.  She had some especially crazy things to say but this was the first time I completely ignored her and that worked out real well.

While we were getting ready to head out of the hotel on Tuesday, my sweet, dear friend emailed a picture of our dog wearing a lei and a "happy birthday" sign.  I LOVED IT!!!  So clever that I would never think of doing something like that; kind of like never thinking to prop a sign against my baby announcing how old they are, but hey, it works for some people.  Sweet dog had his eyebrows all crooked like he didn't know why he was sitting still with a sign around his neck for a photo.  Love him!!!

Big changes are ahead for us.  My husband decided to take the far-away job.  The job close to us is still hemming and hawing so we had to pull the trigger.  I'll switch to a 9/80 schedule at work (very difficult for me as I've always worked five days a week) so I'll drive up to see him on the three-day weekends and he'll come home on the two-day weekends.  He'll be living in the guest house on his parent's property.  Am I excited about him living so close to his mother and father?  No.  However, we will make it work.  Lots of people do.  I'm so proud of him, of us for getting through this entire year of unemployment.  There were dark days and through our faith in God, we survived.  I'm grateful.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Glad you were able to take the week off and enjoy yourself!!