Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rhetorical Question

I didn't realize I was asking a rhetorical question in my last post.  Obviously, this excludes MFAW.  Sure, my post could be considered highly controversial and even rebellious in the ardent Catholic blogosphere but where's the dialogue people?  Are we only fans of cheering on posts that are lock step in-line with Catholic teaching.  Maybe you don't know who Melinda Gates is?  Maybe you don't care?  Maybe I asked a stupid question that wasn't worth your time.  Like, hey, "what the heck is she doing asking if contraception is OK for destitute non-Catholics?  She's crazy."  If you have seven minutes, I still recommend you listen to the interview.  It's interesting, if nothing else.

In other news, I'm super proud of myself!!!  I rode my motorcycle to work all by myself.  First time ever!!!  And I didn't die, or even fall over.  I'm safe.

This started by me telling my husband a few weeks back that I wanted to start riding my moto to work.  Summer is a good time to do it.  School is out so no crazy parents making random U-turns on a 55-mile per hour street.  The traffic's calm this time of year.  Sure, I'd have to pack some clothes to change into and take a lunch but it was conceivably do-able.  My husband was going to follow me in a car or on his motorcycle but I'd have company.

Last night, for some reason (I guess I felt I needed a jolt) I told him I was taking the bike to work tomorrow.  He said he wanted to leave home early to get some work done on an improvement project we have going on.  I'd be alone.  I hemmed and hawed saying how difficult the logistics would be.  What would I pack?  How would I carry it all in my little backpack?  So, we decided that Thursday would be a good day to start as hubby would be able to come with.

Well, I got up this morning.  Hubby was gone and I thought for a second, "heck, I can do this.  I'm going to do this."  I packed up everything in my hiking backpack after taking out the first aid kit and bug spray.  I called my husband to tell him my plan.  I put on my jacket, helmet and gloves and I was off!

The traffic was light, the ride was relatively calm although my nervousness made me parched and my stomach queasy.  But, I was moving along fine until about a 1/2 mile before arriving at the office.  I was sitting at a light and I must have been in second because when I gave it gas, I didn't move.  The bike didn't stall.  I just hit 'first' and off I went.  Before I could get going, a loser woman was beeping at me.  Not one beep (it sounded like a toy car beep not a throaty truck so it was slightly comical) but three interrupted beeps.  If I had a free hand, I would have flipped her off.  But, in the interest of safety, I tried not to get upset.  We moved to another traffic signal and I made sure I was in first this time.  You know how there's a natural delay to go when a light turns green?  Well, this b*tch wasn't gonna wait 1/10th of a second.  She's was already beeping at me the moment the light turned green.

This, again, would have been worse if we were getting onto a road with a 60-mile an hour speed limit.  The street we were entering is 15 MILES PER HOUR.  My gosh.  I thought about taunting her for the length of the street but thought better of it, turned right at the first opportunity and hightailed it on a parallel road.  I zipped into a parking space and I had done it!!!  My husband was so moved he told me he was proud of me!!!  I think that was the first time he said that to me without being prompted.  Praise God!  I did it!     


  1. That's great that you found the confidence to take out your bike on your own. I hate it when I get someone behind me that wants to push me along...I usually go slower or just pull over and let the driver pass. Geez.

  2. I get cranky about needlessly-honking drivers, but I bet it's a ton more scary on a bike. Good for you! That must be fun to know you have another alternative to get to work.