Saturday, March 31, 2012

My very special day with the N.orbertines.

My week was eventful and what I am most excited about, I'm sure God had His Hand in crafting it.  Work is very busy and dare I say it (because I hate this word) - stressful.  And more than that, the Devil was inhabiting my mind.  I've been fearful and resentful.  Ugly stuff and I had to quickly remind myself that these were evil thoughts that would come to no good.  In addition, I haven't had a day off in a while and on Monday wasn't planning on taking one soon.  But, He stepped in.  On Tuesday, I called a friend of mine whom I used to work closely with but now we have to deliberately reach out to one another to connect.  I needed some information from her but she invited me to a groundbreaking ceremony taking place on Friday, yesterday.  She's a very faithful Catholic with I think, at least five children.  Stupid me, I forget.  They are all about my age.  One of her daughters is a cloistered nun with the Norb.ertine Order just north of us in the mountain range.  Check out a very detailed documentary the diocese put together.  


You can read a real reporter's take on the ceremony.  

The nuns are cloistered and usually fast from visits from family and friends during Lent but this was a special occasion and probably a good opportunity to network for donations to the new facility, so we were able to mingle freely with the nuns.  They are an impressive bunch.  They are highly accomplished, educated women giving themselves totally to God.  I felt so honored to be there and just overjoyed that the day came together like it did.  There were, by my count, at least eight priests there.  One said to me, "What's your connection to all this?"  "Well, I'm Catholic.  Isn't that connection enough?"  :)  

The nuns listened intently to what I said them.  They were perfect hosts, reminding us to eat the cheese they make themselves while they couldn't eat it.  A lot of the parents of the sisters were there and it was wonderful to speak with them.  My friend told everyone she could that I was a convert!  Not that I minded, they seemed even more interested in me and my story.  I tried to jazz it up other than just saying I married a Catholic!  

I got into a conversation with one of the Sisters.  She used to work in computer science in L..A...  I really thought she was my age but I laughed when she told me she was 50.  I joked that their tag line should be, "Being a Nun Keeps You Looking Young."  She was the only one who asked me if I had children.  I said, "No, we're infertile."  She asked if I tried any natural remedies.  I told her that we'd followed the Catholic infertility protocol, had surgery with a Catholic surgeon.  She said that maybe now that the stress of trying is over, we'd get pregnant.  I told her, "No, the last few months we've come to terms with our situation."

I told her I felt so blessed to be a Catholic and have a sacramental marriage.  That my husband is a wonderful man and our lives feel full.  I said there are many wonderful, motherly, giving, nurturing women that don't have children.  "Just look at all of you Sisters."  She smiled and said, "Yes, we are mothers ourselves and all of you are our children."  Amen!  Yesterday, was one of the best days I'd had in a long time.  My husband even said he was so glad I was so happy, I should go out and do more fun stuff.  I guess work is making me a sour girl.  Here are some photos and videos from the day.  Enjoy!


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  1. Sounds like you had a very good and blessed experience with the nuns. I have had those moments as well and they do make you smile! I know all about work making one job does that to me as well. It's exhausting.