Thursday, April 28, 2011

I hate having to say this

It didn't happen.  I'm seriously bummed, practically numb.  But, I'm reminded of the more serious things happening in the world especially the tornado related deaths in Alabama that prayers are better offered for their souls and property.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I really shouldn't be saying this...

I'm in the familiar zone of the "maybe I am, probably I'm not" when it comes to achieving this long-awaited dream of having a child.  The facts are:

  • I knew and noted here that this would be a long cycle.  I didn't really start fertile CM until CD 21 but determining the peak day is very difficult for me since the fertile CM never really ended.  Heck, I even had some on CD 32.  Today is CD 36 and my best guess is that yesterday was P+12.  That's not really significant for me since I've had many P+12 and P+13s in the past.  The highest I've ever achieved is P+15.  But I've been playing this game with myself that if I just get past Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm pregnant.  However, I don't know which day is the confirming day.  Is it Saturday?  Monday?
  • I've never in my entire life had a cycle this long.  That's really not materially significant but it does make me believe that maybe this is the difference in my body that will make all the difference.  We used lots of days which I am forever grateful to my husband.  
  • Of course, if it all fails today, this post will feel very silly but I couldn't let this opportunity to go by without saying something.
I learned long ago not to put the cart before the horse when it came to things like jobs.  You know, imagining what kind of apartment I'd live in, in the new city.  What would I do when I got there, etc.?  But as a woman who has never had the experience of a pregnancy, my mind is racing about how significant this would be for my life.  I'm tempted to list all those thoughts now, but I'll wait until I've confirmed this is actually true.

You might say, "why don't you take a HPT?"  Well, I can't take the disappointment.  Because if it's negative, then the pain is inevitable.  I'd rather not know.  But, the guessing game is still hard and anxiety producing.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today is my one year blog anniversary.  I really hope descriptions of my journey through infertility has helped some folks and my prayers for this large community have helped support a great group of Catholic women.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm getting the heck out of dodge!  Here's my schedule for the next two weeks:  Tuesday night through Friday afternoon, attend conference in Di.ego.  Saturday morning, head to the in-law's house.  Sunday, Easter!  Rejoice!, next Monday through Thursday, back to work (blah), and Friday, take the day off to watch a televised wedding.  Can't wait!!!

All of this excitement is causing me to not want to do much work for the remainder of today and tomorrow, but I'll make do.  I love traveling and I'll be doing it alone again this time since the husband cannot possibly take time away from work.  Too bad for him, he'll miss the ocean view room.

I am having the wackiest cycle ever.  I didn't get fertile CM until around CD 22 and I'm probably at P+3 or 4 today.  Although it seems silly to take tampons on the trip, I guess I will and hope for the best.  Maybe I'll have my Easter miracle. ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Commitmentphobe Phobic

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this post.  I'm fairly confident in my feelings and evaluation of the situation, but getting a reality check is always helpful.

I guess I took Peter off my "Cast of Characters" a bit too soon since he's back.  While I was still sleeping this morning, my husband was up and about.  I heard him on the phone with someone talking about finances so I knew it was a friend and not business related.  But when I heard him say, "Stacy's the 22 year old?" that's when I got concerned.

My husband had left by the time I got out of the shower, so I called.

[Me] - Who were you talking to this morning?
[Him] - Peter.  He broke up with Kate.
[Me] - Why were you talking about a 22 year old?
[Him] - Oh, that's a girl he works with that he's [sleeping with.]  (He used a cruder term.)  Peter's coming out to L..A... in a few weeks and he asked if we wanted to go to with him.  I told him that we were all amusement park'ed out but we'd meet him for dinner.
[Me] - I'm not meeting a 22 year old for dinner. (Commentary on this below)
[Him] - He's not bringing her but a Mor.m.on he's dating.
[Me] - How could Peter be dating a
[Him] - He's not [sleeping with] her.
[Me] - I could have guessed that.  Faithful Mor.mons are not dating a guy like Peter, casually or seriously.
[Him] - You don't have to come to dinner.  I can go by myself.
[Me] - That might be a good idea.

It's not that I wouldn't have dinner with a 22 year old, I would.  Age makes no difference to me, I'll talk to a 2 year old to a 222 year old.  It's just that 22 year olds that date Peter are hardly worth having dinner with.  But, he's not bringing her but a mid-thirties M.ormon that I can guess was likely raised as a Mor.mon but is not involved in the church anymore.  Everyone on my mother's mother's side is L.D...S.  I know something about how they live their lives.

I'm not so much worried that Peter wrongly influences my husband it's just that I am profoundly, deeply offended by Peter's lifestyle.  The casual sex, the new girl every two to three years, the debauchery, the cheating, I'm not into it.  It's a good thing Peter lives out-of-state because I couldn't handle this guy more than twice a year.  So, I've decided to not have dinner with them.  I guess that's it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was convinced I was having my very first dry cycle since I got to CD 19 and had nothing, nada.  But on CD 20, it was 10KL x3!  Yo!  And today it was 1,000 CKL, if you use the multiplier and I was listening to this song at work.  So, I expect this to be a very long cycle perhaps 36 days or so.  But, we're using lots of days so I'm very happy.  Rock on!

Weight... wait.

It's all coming together so I might as well write about it now.  By it, I mean weight, body image, fitness, nutrition, all that stuff.  A couple of weeks ago, a doctor my husband used to see and I did see once and paid about $475 out-of-pocket to do that emailed people, including me, a video and short article about the supposed toxicity of sugar.  You can view it here: although make some time because it's an hour and a half long.  I was viewing the NYTimes website and saw an article about the speaker in the video and his claims about sugar's badness.  The article is here: 

I went to see that doctor because of my chronic yeast infections thinking that my problem might be based on my bad nutrition.  Well, it turned out the infection was bacterial and I was just using the wrong lubricant.  So much for a systemic cause.  The doctor wanted me to do this food allergy test which involved all sorts of powders and shakes and weaned me off nearly every type of food even the most healthful American is eating.  The powder sits untouched in the pantry of an unoccupied house.

I make being healthy a top priority.  I am fortunate in that the majority of my recent ancestors on my mother's side had no propensity for bodily disease and they were all thin.  I can't say much for their mental health as we have evidence of great-grandma having a "nervous" disposition which in modern terms can likely mean she had regular anxiety attacks.  And there's nothing inherently good about being skinny as at least two people in my family have/had an.or.exi.a.  I thank God nearly every day that He did not afflict me with that disease.  I continue to enjoy a healthy appetite.

So, I've got a good base but as I and everybody else ages, it can be hard to maintain one's weight or at least you probably have to work at it.  I've been involved in sports and dancing since I was a wee tyke and I love, love, love being active to this day.  In fact, I start getting anxiety attacks when I haven't worked out for two or more days straight.  I do anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half of high intensity aerobics, weight training, pilates, shadow boxing, and dancing.

I don't exercise that much to be thin although that does happen.  I do it to be in great physical shape.  I like knowing I've worked nearly every muscle in my body and I've got the strength and flexibility to do anything I want.  It's also motivating to know I can control what others seem to not be able to.  While women around me (and some men) complain about how they can't lose weight, I secretly know exactly how to master this and can drop anywhere from three to five pounds in four or five days.

What I consider my normal weight is what I can maintain with regular exercise and not eating too much.  If I eat a lot, I'll be about two to three pounds over normal. If I am working out really hard and long and am fasting, I can be two to three pounds under weight.  I don't get nervous about my weight fluctuating a few pounds since I had be back to normal within a week if I half to.

Up until about age 25, I could eat anything I wanted (I would sometimes eat Haagen-Dazs and drink Grolsch for dinner) and not gain.  But, all that changed when I was around 27 and living in Washing.ton. D.C. and trying to escape a super bad work situation by eating my way out of it.  I never weighed myself in D..C. since I didn't have a scale but I would estimate I was about ten to fifteen pounds heavier than when I moved there.

On my month-long road trip back to California, I resolved to lose the weight and I remember it took about a month to six weeks to do that.  Getting away from a bully boss and lots of exercise was about all it took.  And for six years, I've maintained the same weight.

My nutrition was marginal up until I met my husband who by the nature of his work and how his mother fed him as a child, he was used to eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoyed it.  I was never really a salad person and would throw a fit when asked to have one for dinner, but now I actually like salads and happily make them for dinner.  I get nervous when I've eaten too much food that's white, white bread, white rice, white whatever.  I run to something with color.

This winter/spring we keep the fridge stocked with fresh berries and I eat a mixture almost every afternoon.  That helps with fiber!  And it also cuts my appetite for dinner.  Lately I've had a rule that I stop eating by six o'clock every night although I have a far from perfect record.  Late meetings on Monday and Tuesday caused me to eat two McD cheeseburgers and fries and five oreos for dinner, respectively at 9pm both nights.  I hope to get back to the salad tonight.

Back to sugar... it stands to reason that people should eat as many non-processed foods as possible since that's a recent invention and the human race has gotten by pretty good so far eating natural foods.  But, temptation abounds and I would hate for anybody to have to quit yummy foods cold turkey.  So, for me, I eat well as much as possible but when I have the craving for a cookie, a brownie, and cake, I eat it.  There's no point in being miserable.  Amen!    

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovely Day

I don't think I could have had a better start to a work day.  My husband's been very good this month about..., you know.  He's constantly asking me if I want to do it and of course I say yes every time.  So, he asked this morning and then said in a loud, full voice (we're alone in the house, though), "I LOVE YOU!"   "Darling, I want you to have a bouncing baby boy named (his name) Jr."  I replied that he knew we already have the names picked out and his was not the one.  Well, it would be the middle name for the first boy.  I sure love getting ahead of myself!  So, this song is dedicated to my husband.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My "Conversion" Story

Joy Beyond the Cross had asked for my conversion story so....  Why the quotes in the title?  Because as I was a baptized Christian before coming into the Catholic Church, I don't consider it a conversion.  I look at as a mutual acceptance.  I accepted the Church, they accepted me.  So, please don't get your hopes up about my story as it's not nearly as touching or exciting as others you've read.

I was a Metho.dist and then I attend a Presb.yterian Church in college.  Then after college, I was deeply involved with an Episcop.alian church and then I bounced between the three until I met my husband.  But, I'd briefly toyed with the Orth.odox Church and then met a seminarian right after college who I performed yoga with on the beach and he said since I was going to an Anglican church, I might as well go all the way and be a Catholic.  I didn't really concern me much at that time but I kept it in the back of my mind.

One of the major reasons I pursued my husband (and not just date him for a few months) was that he was a believing Christian.  Where ever you are from, Church-going men might be in abundance but in the big cities where I was living, it was rare.  And they might have some wacky beliefs they stray too much from what I think is basic Christian doctrine.

When we talked about getting married, my husband and I arrived at the decision that I would do the RC.IA class.  At least that's how I remember it.  It was just kind of easy.  I wanted us to worship together and Catholicism wasn't foreign to me and I think it's important to assimilate in marriage.  The latter just always felt like a good marriage principle to me.  Romantic, no but practical, yes.

I was not impressed with the R.CIA class as they seemed to jump to odd topics and never followed a logical program like I was used to in other learning situations.  However, my sponsor was my sweet, special friend Holly and we traveled that journey together and learned a lot about each other.  She is a deeply faithful Catholic with a tremendous amount of love in her heart for all of God's creatures.  Holly's the best!

In short, I'm a Catholic and I appreciate the Church in many ways such as how they support marriage.  As you've read before, I don't believe Church teachings should push into the legal sphere.  I recognize that it's a human organization and people make mistakes and large organizations make big mistakes.

My relationship with Christ is something I'm constantly working on and I take a lot of comfort in knowing that He's in my life and I can depend on him, even though sometimes I don't.  Wow, I'm starting to sound really pedestrian.  Anyhow, that's my story.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm way behind in writing about all kinds of thing here.  I want to write in detail about the Alabama trip and all the great places I found in Birmingham and Montgomery.  I miss the pace of life there and although I know how special it was to have that many family members gathered in one place at one time, I can't help but wish that's what life is like always.  But, I'm an adult and should have figured (or at least remembered) that life is not just about special moments.  It's filled with the mundane that I have such a hard time coping with.  Everyone tells me to calm down, life can't always be exciting but that itch for excitement never goes away.

I want to write about work but that seems wrong to do while I'm actually at work but suffice it to say that I've been here for several years and I'd like to move on to something else.  I guess it's because I don't quite feel like I fit here.  I'm a big talker when there are things I want to talk about, politics, religion, national security, philosophy, etc. and everything along those lines.  I just can't stand all the drama about personal lives, kids, dead beat dads, kids birthday parties, what kids say, the baby talk amongst adults.  Ahhh!

Do I sound hardhearted?  Perhaps, but I'm not a parent but even if I were one, I don't think I want to tell other people stories about my kids throwing up in the van.  I'm selectively sentimental at work.  Perhaps my brain is just not wired that way at work.  I'm not here because I surveyed everybody and think we can be best friends.  I'm here to earn money, be productive, and move up.  This is not a charity, but sometimes it feels very close to it.

P.S. I can't figure out how to close the comments on this post but I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they have to respond to my complaining, so don't comment unless you feel supernaturally compelled.  Does anybody know how to close comments on selective posts? :)