Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm way behind in writing about all kinds of thing here.  I want to write in detail about the Alabama trip and all the great places I found in Birmingham and Montgomery.  I miss the pace of life there and although I know how special it was to have that many family members gathered in one place at one time, I can't help but wish that's what life is like always.  But, I'm an adult and should have figured (or at least remembered) that life is not just about special moments.  It's filled with the mundane that I have such a hard time coping with.  Everyone tells me to calm down, life can't always be exciting but that itch for excitement never goes away.

I want to write about work but that seems wrong to do while I'm actually at work but suffice it to say that I've been here for several years and I'd like to move on to something else.  I guess it's because I don't quite feel like I fit here.  I'm a big talker when there are things I want to talk about, politics, religion, national security, philosophy, etc. and everything along those lines.  I just can't stand all the drama about personal lives, kids, dead beat dads, kids birthday parties, what kids say, the baby talk amongst adults.  Ahhh!

Do I sound hardhearted?  Perhaps, but I'm not a parent but even if I were one, I don't think I want to tell other people stories about my kids throwing up in the van.  I'm selectively sentimental at work.  Perhaps my brain is just not wired that way at work.  I'm not here because I surveyed everybody and think we can be best friends.  I'm here to earn money, be productive, and move up.  This is not a charity, but sometimes it feels very close to it.

P.S. I can't figure out how to close the comments on this post but I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they have to respond to my complaining, so don't comment unless you feel supernaturally compelled.  Does anybody know how to close comments on selective posts? :)

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