Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where's the acknowledgment from the naysayers?

While a three month wait for a response to a letter is pretty excessive in my opinion, I'm still super proud and happy the Archbishop responded.  I need to make a copy of the two letters and deliver to my parish priest.  Maybe that will get his attention.  And maybe I'll send it to the Los Angeles Archbishop....

I find it a little funny/strange that I haven't heard from the challengers on my initial posts on this topic.  In fact, my husband wants to know where you guys are and he told me to write that in my blog.  Thanks, honey.

I never understood why some folks wanted to defend the Archbishops comments in the USA Today article and call me out on my letter by saying I got him wrong.  I'm very happy he decided to respond so he could speak for himself.  That's the way it should be.


  1. Nothing the archbishop said contradicts what anyone else was saying...? I'm confused about what you're seeking, exactly.

  2. I didn't respond because I had already decided to bow out of further discussions of this topic because I wasn't learning anything from the discussion and it was clear that you weren't either.

    It's the Archbishop's pastoral responsibility to respond to letters such as the one you sent, and I'm happy that he fulfilled it, but I was also curious as to why you were so satisfied with it. He didn't recant anything he said in the USA Today article, neither did he apologize for any suffering his comments may have caused you or other infertile couples (I'm not sure he needed to apologize, but you had said that his comments were offensive. Or perhaps I'm misremembering. I don't feel like going back and reading the whole kerfuffle.)