Monday, June 25, 2012

Ultrasounds and cigarettes

I still haven't received any word from the hospital where my ultrasounds were performed way back in February.  You'll remember (or you can read about) my insurance company sent me an explanation of benefits form detailing the hospital charged over $2,000 for a transvag and pelvic ultrasound.  I sent in a wonderful protest letter with supporting documentation preempting the bill.  So, I've received neither a bill or a response to the protest.  My husband predicts it will come, it's just taking a while to wind itself through the hospital bureaucracy.  Perhaps so, but it is a private for-profit corporation, so you'd think it would move faster than this.

We went to a totally cool party on Saturday.  Fun people, with no kids in sight.  It was like being 22 again.  I drank quite a bit, smoked a cigarette (sort of), and had absolutely no hangover the next day.  Amazing.

I might, just might have something big to reveal later this week.  I do not count my chickens before they hatch anymore (learned that lesson) but we're putting more than a 50% chance of this opportunity going through.  Now that my blog is no longer about (in)fertility, I think I'm either pretty boring or non-existent which is not what I want to be.  I've just spent too much time not focusing on my real life here (anything that has nothing to do with infertility) that I'm not sure I can catch up.  I want to be honest, revealing but there's so much pressure not to be.  Ok, this is all so stupidly cryptic but that's all I've got right now.  Maybe more later. :)     


  1. I know I'm in the midst of having surgery again which is due to my IF issues..but in reality it's more about being healthy than IF. I like to read blogs that talk about other things. I try to comment but don't always do that.

    I haven't had more than one or two glasses of wine in a long time...I wonder what would happen?

    I'm looking forward to hearing about this exciitng news.

    I don't know what your future holds but I know mine does not include children...I continue to blog to show others that my life has not ended due to IF/childlessness. I think it's pretty horrible that some IF women who have gone on to have children have made others (intentially or not) feel like your life is not anything if you don't have a baby. That is sad. I just choose not to read those anymore.

  2. I (somewhat) patiently await the update.

    At first, I found it really hard to talk about things other than IF, but I soon realized that while I am "obsessed" with infertility (depends on the day), I am OBSESSED with home decor. Irrational obsession may not be healthy, but it turns out to have some apparently positive side effects - inexhaustible source of opinions, boundless tolerance for research (and market research). The money I've saved on antiques and repairs is dwarfed only by the time I've wasted :). But I enjoy it, so it's not a waste.

    To actually come to a point, as far as I know there are no infertiles writing about motorcycles. Maybe look into that.