Monday, October 10, 2011


My company recently sent me to a training conference on corporate investing.  These kinds of conferences are hyper-stimulating for me which I feed into and enjoy but also leave me so exhausted after several days that all I can do is sit in dark, quiet room to gain my peace back.  Professional peers (clones) conduct fascinating conversations which stimulate my thinking much deeper than my actual work colleagues.  But the real kickers are the brokers who attend these things.

I'm certainly as gullible and susceptible to flattery as the next person and the brokers provide it.  It's fun but I'm often left worrying about their sincerity.  It's nice to believe they like you and find you interesting, but they really want your business.  So, it's not a pure relationship and can't develop into a friendship and that leaves me pretty sad.  I mean, I really crave intellectual stimulation and the ones that can provide it are hustling me.  That sucks.

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