Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why blogs can be amazingly helpful

As a practicing Catholic, my husband and I use natural family planning/Creighton Method/NaPro Technology. Most of time, I'm very confused by all the difference in names for fertility monitoring methods that look very much the same. I'll stick with Creighton Method for consistency sake.

I really believe Creighton to be a major gift to women and marriages and I'm very glad our parish required we learn it before we could get married there. I thought that requirement was in place for the whole diocese but I was told that was not the case.

I wanted to share how helpful some Catholic ladies' blogs have been to me. I was goog.ling an obscure term in Creighton terminology to find "people like me" and came across http://inallthingsgood.wordpress.com/

From there, I've been able to find other folks going through somewhat similar experiences related to fertility. And while a lot of really nice people post their fertility journey on their main page, list style, I don't think I'm qualified to do something like that.

My story is bit more simple. We've been trying to get pregnant for five months and have come up empty. While the pseudo-accepted medical establishment wouldn't consider us infertile until 12 failed months, I'm infertile to me. My cursory medical testing and anecdotal evidence leads me to believe this is age related. Yes, I'm only 32 but I'm not 18. And this is why I appreciate the Daily Mail: "Of course, at 31, Linzi is hardly too old to become a mother, but that's not to say her fertility is not already in decline. Like so many women who want children at some point, Linzi believes that a baby will arrive as soon as she stops using contraception, but the human body does not operate like that."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1269011/Why-does-Miriam-Stoppard-say-daughter-law-crazy-busy-baby.html

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