Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"Bless me father for I have sinned.  It's been seven months since my last confession."  That's how I started out last Saturday and I sure heard about my lack of enthusiasm for confession.  The priest told me I should be "celebrating the blessed sacrament more often."  I'm not sure I think of going to confession as a celebration.  Growing up a Protestant and understanding at an early age about the Reformation and why Methodists were different than Catholics, I still very much identify with confessing my sins to God directly, in private prayer.  I think I'm getting better at not committing sins or at least committing them less times.  Did that come from getting older or confessing sins to a priest?  My penance this time was to take my husband out on a date.  He sort of did that for me when he took me on his motorcycle for ice cream this weekend.  He went faster than he normally does because he knows I love the speed.  Good man.

It's been hard going back to normal life after the trip to Peru.  Pushing your body for ten hours a day is a beautiful thing.  It's makes muscles and feet sore but knowing that you have it in you to keep up is so great.  I've caught the bug for long-distance trekking.  We actually skipping out on Thanksgiving with family to go camping in the Sierra Nevadas.  I used to hate camping but now, I know I can do it.

I'll shoot myself later for saying this but it's sure nice not to have kids now.  We can go on these big trips and take off for the weekend with not very much notice.  It's a nice break from a lot of heartache the last two years.  I was supposed to call the RE after we got back home but I'm not even remotely motivated to start any program now.  Maybe next year but not now.  Life is good right now with just the two of us.  


  1. I know I should never say this on any infertility blog, but I do sometimes envy the ladies who have only their husbands and no children (yet). I yearn for days like that sometimes! :)

  2. Thanks, Leila for the comment. I know that for those of us who give up on having kids (and have blogs) need to wax philosophical about accepting childlessness but I think it's important to not wallow in misery and embrace the freedom!